Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"-POEM about CELL-"

Regarded as the primary unit of life,
known to be capable of basic processes of life,
proven to be the tiniest structures,
which all living organisms are composed.

basically, this can't be seen by the naked eye,
but fortunately, there's a microscope we can rely,
even though its very small,still it is important to us all.

shapes of this vary considerably,
maybe to show that they function differently,
some are slipper-shaped; others resemble rods,
some are elongated; while few change shape as they move around.

a model of independence and self-containment,
displays remarkable ability to communicate with other segment,
has a membrane-bound compartment known as organelle,
scientifically introduced to us as cell.
-Maree Faie C. Cabacang

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